Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 By The Numbers

A little summary of 2016:

Grocery spending: $6864.21
(does not include meals out, personal hygiene items, or school lunches)
As a comparison:
2015: $5706.05 (trying to be extra frugal)
2014: $10,261 (big weight loss year)

Crafty things:
- One large crocheted blanket
- Two quilts
- A couple dozen crocheted Christmas decorations (snowmen, snowflakes, stockings, trees)
- One sewn tote bag (Steelers!)

Exercise and Fitness:
Walking: 297 miles
Biking: 233 miles
Running: 114 miles
Swimming: 51.5 miles
Weight training/ yoga: 2118 minutes
Hiking: 9.4 miles

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