Saturday, April 14, 2012

I can't find my camera battery charger. And...the good and the bad. camera battery is dead, and I don't know where the charger is. I probably last used it on Spring Break.  That's a bummer.  Here's to hoping we can find it.

This was a good week and a bad week, as they are when spouse was traveling.  I had all day training on Thursday at work.  That was a bad day.  Wednesday was a difficult evening - the pinnacle of work and home exhaustion and frustration.  Poor baby "mommy are you mad?"  "No sweetie, just tired."

My meals on Thursday were thus:
2 pcs toast with egg and cheese (this is normal), small OJ
pastry at the training
mini struesel muffins at the training (probably 4 or 5)
3 slices pizza (training)
chocolate chip cookies at the training
2 bottles water
out for burgers at dinner: burger (with onion, lettuce, tomato at least) and fries

A banner day, and I paid for that burger with hearburn and tasting it all night long.  But my son and I had fun at the restaurant just chatting and eating, then home for bath, cards (he beat me at Go Fish, Crazy 8's, AND I ended up with the Old Maid), finishing off the latest book "The Mouse and the Motorcycle", and bed.

Friday, I cleaned up my act a bit
Banana whipped oats (from Kath Eats!) with sunflower seed butter
Pink lady apple with cheddar cheese
KIND bar
1 to 1.5 cups steamed romanesco (in the broccoli family)
Ham sandwich on whole wheat with a whole avocado and pickles (I made this)
100 calorie dark chocolate bar
Salad with avocado, oranges, and cashews
3/4 cup mac and cheese (yes, from a box, but it was organic!)
a couple of crackers with local hummus

I had my 2nd round of acupucture yesterday, and actually slept almost 8 hours last night, yippee!!

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Jane said...

I hope you find your charger! I try to keep mine in the same spot so I can always find it, but I still sometimes lose it, how does that happen??