Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Single Mom Food

Yep, several days as a single parent again.  What with getting up, trying to work out, making breakfast, packing lunches, cooking dinner, doing dishes 2x a day, giving my son a bath, taking out the recycling, doing puzzles, reading books, playing with legos, dropoff and pickup at school...I'm beat.

I made a whole pound of whole wheat pasta with roasted vegetables, cheeses, and tomatoes on Saturday, and have been eating it for lunch and/or dinner every day this week.  Sometimes with salsa and avocado, sometimes with frozen or fresh veggies mixed in.  We got corn from the CSA yesterday, and I couldn't face washing lettuce, so carrot sticks it was.


Biz said...

Yep, when you are a single parent its always your turn. I remember working for an attorney when Hannah was little - he was complaining that he had to feed his kids breakfast because the nanny was late and his wife had an early meeting.

I then asked him, when's the last time you bathed your kids, helped with homework, etc. He didn't get it!

Kalli said...

i love this idea of making a BOG pot of something to last the week. so sorry you are a single parent. your hubby seems to traveling a lot this year!

Marcia said...

Well, hubby is back now and I decided to take a day off work too. I don't mind cooking, baking, dishes, lunches if I'm not working it around a full time job!