Sunday, August 28, 2011

Post race meal

Turkey sandwich, melon, and I already ate the green beans.

Pre race meal was toast with peanut butter and banana.

Time was 1:02:58, a full 45 sec. faster than last year.  Splits aren't up yet, but I can tell you I lost time on the bike-run transition.  My spot on the rack was taken, I knocked someone else's bike off while trying to squeeze mine back in, then had to put theirs back on, and mine back on, all the while trying to ignore my coworker yelling my name from the sidelines.

Updated to add splits:
Swim: 1:05 faster than last time!  Next year: try to break 14:00 mins (this year was 14:13).
T1: 30 secs faster, even getting on the Vibrams.  Not sure if I can break 3 min getting those on.
Bike: 32 secs slower than last year.  Short of getting a road bike instead of a mountain bike, or getting pedals with the straps on top, not sure what I can do here.  Not interested in spending $600-1000 on a bike to get faster here.  I mostly use my bike to ride to work.
T2: 5 sec faster, even with the problem getting my spot back.
Run: 23 sec slower.  Last year, I'd just come off a half marathon.  This year, I had a side stitch and kinda felt like puking for half the run.  I was a hair slower than a 10 min mile.

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Kalli said...

i am so proud of you! you did so well and stuck to your training :)