Sunday, May 8, 2011


Just a few good ones this week:

Is sugar toxic?

10-primal-meals-in-15-minutes-or-less  I'm not primal, but I think about it.  But then, I think about going vegan too.  So.  These recipes look good and easy.

Raincoast crisps - or "why I should never go to the foo foo grocery store hungry".  I did go on Amazon to see the price there...same as the foo foo store.  $7.99 per box.  But they are goooood.  But $0.22 per cracker.  Now I did find this recipe to make your own version.  I bought the fig and olive version, by the way.  I found this version and this version too.  But I've never made my own crackers, and I will probably be lazy and just buy these when I'm really really craving them.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the links marcia! hope you had a wondrful mothers day!

Biz said...

Wow - those are some expensive crackers!!

Hope you had a great Momma Day :D

Marcia said...

I did have an awesome day!