Monday, May 30, 2011

Banana Soft Serve - I finally tried it! And more bootcamp food.

You know, this stuff has been all over the blog-o-sphere for at least a year now.  And I've been meaning to try it.  Really.  But, I've never had time or the urge.  But I found myself with 9 frozen bananas, so this week was the week.  Besides, I never was the "cool kid", so I should continue the trend and adopt the latest thing - years later.

My husband was doubtful.  After about a minute, he suggested the Blendtec instead of the food processor.  I said "no, the blog I read said that the Vitamix didn't work well".  Then, a minute into it, he said "this is not going to work."  I said "it takes 5 minutes!"  I followed the directions from Gena, but also checked out Averie for advice too.  It worked.  Here's what it looks like before the toppings.

Well, darned if it didn't work, and it was delicious.  I topped mine with a crumbled cookie and some chocolate syrup.  Spouse liked it, kid ate half and THEN said he didn't like it.

More bikini bootcamp recipes:  Roasted tomato and white bean soup:

Baked tilapia with vegetable hash.  (This is heavily adapted.  Original recipe called for grilled tilapia with vegetables on skewers.  This was easier.)

Scrambled egg with spinach, mushroom, onion, tomato (and I snuck in goat cheese)

Spinach salad with nuts, chickpeas, some other yummy stuff, with an orange dressing.

Note to self: if you are going to take a day off of the "diet" and eat a slice of sodium-filled pizza, do not do it the night before your weekly "weigh-in", because then all it does is depress you and make you feel like a failure for only losing 0.2 lbs.  When in reality, you probably lost 2 lbs and are carrying around extra water.


Anonymous said...

yup finally tried it too about a month ago. delicious for sure. love reading about the bikini bootcamps food too marcia!

KitschenBitsch said...

I love the banana soft serve! I'm bad, though. I add peanut butter, honey, and mini semisweet chocolate chips.

The rest of this food looks freaking fabulous! I wish I had access to it for lunch right now.

Joanne said...

I really need to try this! And I love that the kid ate half BEFORE declaring it inedible...which prob means it was actually amazingly delicious.

Marcia said...

Last night my husband said "week 2 was easier than week 1"!

I said "duh".

First, I only make 2 kinds of soup, and doubled the recipe.

Second, I petered out and only made about half the meals the bikini bootcamp meals. The book says their goal is to make it "easy". Truly, if you read through the book and pick the easy recipes, they are correct.

If you follow the meal plan, not so much.

That said, their sesame-ginger salad dressing is so awesome I've made it twice and am making it for a party today. The ginger carrot soup - also AMAZING.