Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Word On Weight

I've been working this week on losing those 5 pounds I gained last summer. I gained 5 lbs summer of '08 also, and it's just not a good habit to get into, gaining 5 lbs every two years. For the record, I was okay with the first 5 lbs. At my age, the difference is stark. The lower weight makes me look older and wrinkly, then you've got the loose belly skin from having been pregnant in my mid 30's. The extra 5 lbs fills me out a bit, and it's still a healthy weight for me.

Here's a chart (from weight watchers) of my weight loss. Starting in 2002. I started at 174 lbs (though I was at 182, and lost 8 lbs before joining WW). That big spike in there is pregnancy. You can see that it took a couple of years to lose the baby weight. My lowest weight has been about 125 lbs, and that's a weight that makes my hubby and friends go "eek". I actually had a hard time sleeping at that weight because my hipbones would dig into the bed (I sleep on my stomach).

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