Sunday, January 30, 2011

Curried Chickpeas

Last weekend I cooked up a pound of chickpeas. My favorite bean. I turned half into two batches of falafel from Vegan with a Vengeance. The other half became Shithi's Curried Chickpeas (see "recipes" tab). But I added chard.

It was pretty good, but I should have added more spice because of the chard. Spouse was on another trip this week, so the first night was just me and the boy, and here's my plate. Chickpeas, avocado, tortilla, fried egg. There's a tiny bit of curry left, that might find it's way into the trash today, along with the moldy cheddar cheese. Bummer. Hate wasting food, but I guess I haven't been using much cheese lately. In the background you see popcorn from the CSA.

I've got beans soaking for baked beans for tonight. I have a little bit of energy now thanks to an early morning Aleve Cold and Sinus. But I think I'm heading to urgent care later today for some antibiotics. I don't really like taking them, but I think I've got another sinus infection (had one last year), and the constant, awful sinus pain is just too much. I can only take so many hot showers.

Last night's dinner we ordered pizza. I had plans and instructions for my husband to make pasta with parsley, lemon, and parmesan. But he did 3 loads of laundry, took our son to swim lessons, and the park, trimmed the hedge, made pancakes and lunch, did all the dishes...he deserved a break (and he did make a salad). Yesterday he said he'd MUCH rather he be sick that me. So sweet. Of course, I'm miserable when I'm sick, so I understand.

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