Monday, January 24, 2011

Irish Soda Bread and some Dinners

Last week was a week full of leftovers. I made meatloaf and pasta, and then mixed them. And then on Thursday, mixed them and added some toasted buttered breadcrumbs, which does so many good things to pasta.

My plate: (no gorgeous plates and professional photography here. I looked up the price of these fancy SLR cameras that so many bloggers are getting. Yikes! That's a month or more of preschool!)

Kid's plate: Note lightning McQueen in the background.
My kid's picture of his own plate. Needs to practice:
My breakfast the last two days. SOOO many ripe avos from my boss (like, 8), and he just showed up with another 50+ pounds this week. So there will be plenty for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY GO STEELERS!! I know I'm on Weight Watchers, but I TOTALLY save points for a whole avocado for breakfast. Worth all four of them. On homemade bread, and that other piece has sunflower seed butter.

This weekend, I made risotto. I love risotto. So easy in the pressure cooker (see the "recipes" tab), and you can make any combination you like. This week, it was leek, parsley, pea, and sun-dried tomato risotto. It does get "gummy" for leftovers but eh, still good.

I also made Irish soda bread. A weight watchers recipe. It was tasty, but not fantabulous. I probably won't make it again. I was looking for a recipe to use up buttermilk.

Off topic, I am TOTALLY stressing out about kindergarten. Who knew that getting your kid into kindergarten, looking at schools, applying for transfers (or not) would be so dang stressful!! It's not like it's college!


Anonymous said...

wow all those meals look delish! who cares about perfect photography Marcia-the food still looks drool worthy :) Who would know kindergarten would be so crazy? good luck with that.
and have a great day!

Biz said...

I am not a huge fan of soda bread either. Next time you need to use up some buttermilk, (and have 5 points to spare!) make these mile high buttermilk biscuits - heaven in a biscuit!