Friday, March 5, 2010

This week CSA

Strawberries - TWO PINTS!! TWO PINTS!! The best strawberries ever.
1 bunch kale (need I say it? Kale chips)
1 lb broccoli: steamed. I dipped in hummus. It was good.
romaine: salad
beets: steamed in the salad, and the rest for snacking
lemons: dunno yet
1 lb oranges: ate one already

I should probably start listing all the free stuff I get from my boss, like a bunch of oranges and avocados this week. Pretty much you can assume that any avocado that I've eaten since January was free.

Which is why I started counting points a'la weight watchers again this week. Pants a little tight. need to drop about 5 lbs.

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