Saturday, August 8, 2009

CSA Update and Busy Busy

Boy, what a busy two weeks. Spouse and I have been both working long hours, not much sleep, we're pooped! I hurt my foot on Monday on the treadmill, so also had a light workout week, and missed my last 5k race.

Made up for it this morning running 1.6 miles at 9:22 pace, then on the way home (up hill) did min running all out (just shy of a sprint), one min walking. Did...10 of those.

This week I took a pic of our CSA haul. Which is smaller than in previous years, now that there are more members. Still the tomatoes are fabulously delicious.

There's 1/2 lb green beans, 3/4 lb red bell peppers, large head lettuce, 1 pt strawberries, 1/2 lb cranberry beans, 3 ears corn, 2 lb tomatoes.

Also this week (on Weds) we went to the new farmer's market at the school just down the hill. I bought local free range eggs (they really do taste better), and grapes and a watermelon, because my son just had to have it. But then I had to carry the watermelon back up the hill. Luckily, half way up the hill my hubby drove by...

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