Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chicken and Rice Casserole

So, I still have a bunch of chicken left from the two roasted chickens that we didn't eat over the weekend.  And I bought some rice.  So I decided on a casserole.  It is what passes for "winter" here in Cali.

Now, I generally don't buy white rice.  I can't remember the last time I bought white rice.  I only buy brown.  But I had a hankering, so I bought some jasmine.  Man, that is some pretty good stuff.  Everything in moderation, right?  (Says the girl who has been self-medicating with chocolate ice cream the last 2 nights.  Bad work days.)  I found this recipe on line, and it doesn't call for cream-of-something soup.  I doubled it and adjusted the add-ins.  I used fresh sauteed leeks and fresh broccoli.  No mushrooms, almonds, peppers, or anything else.  It was quite tasty.  My topping was fresh breadcrumbs mixed with olive oil and a teeny bit of parmesan.  I cooked the rice ahead of time, but it still took an hour to make this dinner.  And that was active prep time, plus 40 mins to cook.  Dinner was 15 mins late (we try to eat at 6:30 pm).

Added benefit is leftovers for several more days, especially since the spouse is traveling a couple of days this week.  So many of my pictures have been fuzzy and out of focus lately, and really, I'm too damn tired to figure out why.  So, sorry!  You want good recipes, I've got them.  You want good photography, there are MANY better blogs to read.  I love to read them myself.


Biz said...

I love jasmine rice! Love your casserole - and you look beautiful in your new picture on the top - love it!!

Marcia said...

It's the new haircut!