Monday, July 4, 2011

Post-Brick workout meals

Saturday was my second "brick" workout in triathlon training.  We swam and run, as we did 2 weeks ago (I missed the swim/bike on my birthday).  The first week, I went from training to my company picnic, where I ate everything in sight.

This week, during the cooldown, the coach gave us his standard lecture on how to eat healthfully and fuel your body, and don't go crazy with the post workout carbs.  "The chips look good, don't do it!"  Last year's coach wasn't nearly so militant.

So I tried to think of foods that I would like and that would fuel me for the rest of my day.  The brick was a 750 yd pool swim and a 40-minute run.  It was really hot out, and I was feeling both the heat and my knee on the run.  So my run/walk was about 3.7 miles in 45 minutes.  I ran 10 minutes, walked a minute, but then the frequency and length of the walking bits increased as the time went on.  On the other hand, no sciatica pain today.  (I wonder if it is the swim?  If it is, I will only run after swimming from now on.  Promise.)

Here's what I ate to fuel my day:
Breakfast: whole wheat toast (2 pcs) with Earth Balance on both, almond butter on one, havarti on the other

Post-workout snack: Big bowl of fruit - sliced banana, and some sliced strawberries, and blueberries (red, white and blue!).  Followed later by some tea and peanuts (the ones you have to shell yourself).

Lunch:  I decided on a sandwich on whole-wheat again.  I made salmon salad, which is like tuna salad but with canned salmon.  Mustard, vegan mayo, pickle, olive.  Topped with tomato and lettuce.  We also had these little spinach topped pizzas from Trader Joe's.

Snack: Went to see Cars 2.  Had popcorn.  And a KIND bar.  When we left, we went to get some Fro Yo (kiddo was asking for it), but I needed coffee.  Almost fell asleep in the movie.  So I had coffee.

Dinner: Was craving salad but not the work of it, so went with stir-fry chicken, broccoli, and carrots with an orange sauce based on this one, (but I added a bit of chili-garlic sauce and fresh ginger), with oranges from our tree.  Our oranges don't peel well so they are hard to use, but I hate to see them laying on the ground for the animals to eat.  The chicken is something I must have cooked up a couple of months ago, because I found it sealed up in the freezer.  Served over quinoa-brown rice.

And wine (prosecco)

The orange sauce

The leftovers


Veggies steaming away

My plate (with Sriracha)

So, how did I do?  What would you change/add for post workout meals?


Joanne said...

I bet the swimming definitely helped with the sciatica pain! It allows for stretching without the impact.

Sounds like some good post-workout eats to me! I almost always try to eat greek yogurt after a long run...all that protein helps to rebuild muscles!

Anonymous said...

so glad that you were pain free......tell us more about the food after the workout. what does he suggest. have a great day marcia!

Marcia said...

Yeah, other than telling us to stay away from the junk food, he didn't give specifics! I hope he starts to.

Biz said...

I think you did great food wise! And you had me at sriracha! :D