Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CSA Week 1

Well, after 10 years of our CSA (this is the start of our 11th year), we've changed it up a bit. We switched our pick up day from Thursday to Tuesday. The reason for this was twofold:

1. Farmer's market at my son's school is Wednesday. It's easier to shop there because I already know what we got, vs. not knowing what we will get.

2. Farmer's market (the big one) is on Saturday. It's hard to shop on Saturday when we just got a ton of stuff on Thursday.

So now, we will have eaten our way through at least 2/3 of our stash by the time Saturday rolls around, at which point we can decide if we need more veggies and fruit. And by "we", I mean "me".

Here's the haul for week one, and it's a biggie:
1 head lettuce (salad)
0.25 lb arugula (salad)
1 bunch kale (kale chips)
1 bunch collards (not sure yet)
1 bunch beets (steaming as we speak to add to the salad)
1 bunch carrots (with hummus and for Moroccan Lentil soup)
1 bunch celery (Moroccan lentil soup and with peanut butter and maybe in a rice dish and blanch some and put in the freezer for soups later on)
1 bunch cilantro (Sesame Cashew Pasta)
0.25 lb garlic (everything)
1 butternut squash (roast it)

Plus my awesome boss brought in something like 50 to 100 lbs of avocados, so I brought home 7 of them. Avos, not pounds.

My general plan is to use the stuff that will wilt earlier in the week, and save the rest for later. So salads, arugula, greens will get used earlier. Root veggies and butternut squash will keep in the laundry room (which is cooler) for longer. Besides, peeling squash is a pain, so it is definitely a weekend thing.

We are pretty set for the week because I made:
split pea soup on Saturday (bit pot)
pasta with tomato sauce, veggies, and local sausage on Sunday (a whole pound of pasta, so we've got 8 servings)
a big pot of brown rice/quinoa/peas/corn and a big pot of fresh cranberry beans on Monday

When we run out of leftovers, I'll make the sesame cashew noodles.

Hey, check out my new tabs! Some of our family favorite recipes can be found in the recipes tab.


FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

I read the word "kale" and drooled. I love baking it in the oven to make chips out of it

Joanne said...

All those greens! I'm jealous. I've really been craving them lately!

Marcia said...

kale chips are the BEST THING EVER. I know I should branch out back to braised, in pasta, or raw salad. But I can't bring myself to do it.

Biz said...

I actually don't peel my squash, but cut it in half and bake it - then scoop it out - do you have to peel if if you want like butternut squash chunks??

I laughed that you at 64 point on Monday! Have a great weekend!

Jo said...

I'm jealous of your greens haul too! I've just discovered kale chips, and I'm thrilled that the whole family loves them - I love seeing my 14-month-old eating greens voluntarily! But when the kids are asleep and I get to have a rare late-night snack, I fall back on something I used to eat when I was pregnant - kale quick-sauteed in olive oil with garlic, thrown on top of grits with a liberal helping of butter and Frank's Red Hot Buffalo sauce. Its... so... good...

Marcia said...

kale with butter and hot sauce?? Okay, I've never had grits though.

Yes, if you want chunks of squash, you have to peel it. 90% of by butternut squashes go into soup, which is a "slice in half and roast" thing.