Saturday, March 13, 2010

This week's meals

Breakfast: mom: toast with sunflower seed butter. Dad: toast. Child: cereal.
Lunch: mom: tortilla with cheese, avo, salsa, sour cream (actually, this was the post run snack), chickpeas and rice. Dad and child: PB&J, apple.
Dinner: lemon-pea-mushroom risotto, kale chips, eggs

Breakfast: mom and dad: yogurt, fruit, granola (dad also had toast with cheese). Child: cereal
Lunch: pizza at the local joint (good!)
Dinner: pumpkin soup, bean sliders, chips and guacamole

Breakfast: mom and dad: yogurt, fruit, granola. Child: cereal
Lunch: child: leftover pizza and applesauce. Mom and dad: leftover risotto
Dinner: leftover pumpkin soup and bean sliders. Asparagus

Breakfast: mom: yogurt, fruit, granola. Child: cereal. Dad: toast
Lunch: child: leftover pizza and apple. Mom: leftover risotto, beets with hummus, avocado. Dad: sandwich and an egg.
Dinner: leftover split pea soup from freezer, green beans, grilled cheese

Breakfast: homemade bread
Lunch: child: PB&J, applesauce. Mom and dad: hummus and veggie wraps
Dinner: leftover pumpkin soup, veggie burgers, salad

Breakfast: homemade bread
Lunch: child: PB&J, banana. Mom and dad: Hummus and veggies wraps
Dinner: egg noodles with green garlic, peas, soy meatballs, and cheese-y white sauce. Topped with toasted buttered breadcrumbs. And a salad.

Breakfast: grape juice, chard, mango, banana, strawberry, blueberry, soy milk, flax smoothies. Homemade bread.
Lunch: mom: leftover noodles, green beans, last of the pumpkin soup. Boys: out
Dinner: leftover noodles, collard chips.


Anonymous said...

does it seem like you always eat a bit different then the husband and kiddo?
it bothers me a bit when the husbands wants something else-grrrrr

Marcia said...

For dinner, we always eat the same stuff, because I'm cooking. And the hubby doesn't mind.

For lunch, it all comes down to what we have in leftovers, so sometimes it's the same, and sometimes it's different.

Also, the hubby eats out every Friday lunch. He likes to be social, and it's his treat. I can't eat out that often (I gain weight too easily).