Monday, March 22, 2010

Beans and Greens, continued

And to make below's recipe even more laughably cheap (to steal a phrase from Casual Kitchen)...

In order to de-spice the soup, I took:

6 cups of soup: $2.28
1/4 lb of macaroni: 0.25
4 cups of water: 0
1 tsp of oregano: 0.05
1 bouillon cube: 0.38

This resulted in 11 cups of soup

So, $2.96 for 11 cups or $0.27 per cup (we eat about 3 cups in one meal for the three of us).

Of course, first bite that my son took his eyes went wide and he tried to wipe off his tongue. A glass of milk fixed that. He ate most of his (1/2 cup) bowl.

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