Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grocery Summary 1st half of 2009

Well, here's my summary for the grocery budget. The plan was to alternate months. Odd months, $160/month. Even months, $300/month (had planned on $400, but that turned out to be high). This does not include the pre-paid $850 to the CSA, which runs mid-Jan through mid-Nov. It also doesn't include the $4 I spent on seeds two years ago, that we planted this year. (nor does it count the soil, square foot gardening bins, etc.)

Jan: $159.77
Feb: $297.92
Mar: $145.65
Apr: $278.47
May: $160.35
Jun: $300.51

Total: $1342.67, plus: $467.50 for the 5.5 months of CSA
Total: $1810.17

This is food only. No soda (we've cut way back). No wine. No TP, shampoo, toothpaste, cleaning supplies. Just food.

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