Friday, January 16, 2009


Yay, our CSA just started up again. Here's a tally of week one, and what I'm going to use it for

1 head lettuce - salad (tonight and one other)
1 bunch parsley - quinoa with corn and artichokes (today), and maybe freeze some in pesto
1 head napa cabbage (1.5 lb) - Thai tofu and cabbage over noodles (Sun)
1 bunch turnips (3 large) - roasted as a side (Mon) with leftover cabbage
1/4 lb spinach - in quinoa and bean soup (Tue)
1 bunch bok choy - side dish for fried rice night (Wed)
2 leeks - in the fried rice (Wed)
1 bunch collards - in the fried rice (Wed)
1 lb clementines - snacking

Lotta Asian this week, to counteract last week's "week of Minestrone".

Thurs will also be leftovers, as I'm working at the CSA from 4 to 7 pm.
Sat is hubby's night...pancakes for dinner.

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