Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I have to say that I have done an amazing job this week in using up our veggies. I am about to make some pesto with the basil. Other than that, we only have one cucumber and 1/2 bunch of cilantro left. Well, unless you count the leftovers...I am eating leftover carrots for lunch tomorrow and we are having leftover burritos for dinner.

One reason for this is because I re-started weight watchers. I am on maintenance, but I started creeping up by about 4 lbs. Boy, 18 pts a day is hard, even with 5 AP's and 5 flex pts per day. But it means I am eating a LOT of veggies. And even if I can't stick to 18 pts a day, I will still lose weight, just more slowly.

The burritos are stuffed with canned vegetarian refried beans, salsa, cheddar, sour cream, and sauteed onion and summer squash. Broccoli on the side.

For anyone interested in my daily WW menu:

Breakfast: ww english muffin (2), light margarine (1), light cheese (2): 5 pts
Snack: small banana (1), 11 almonds (2): 3 pts
Lunch: 2 small slices veggie pizza (5.5), 3 cups salad with oil/vinegar and cheese (2): 7.5 pts
Snack: 1 cup cantaloupe (1), 1/2 cup cottage cheese (2): 3 pts
Dinner: 1 tortilla (2), 1/3 cup refried beans (1.5), salsa (0), 1 T light sour cream (0.5), 1/2 oz cheddar (1.5), 3/4 cup cooked broccoli (0), 1 tsp olive oil (1), squash and onion (0), white wine (1.5): 8 pts
Total: 26.5

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