Wednesday, April 30, 2008

$50 challenge

I decided to recommit to my grocery budget. I tend to pick a budget, stick to it for a few weeks, then give up.

My new budget is $50/week, cash. This does not include $20/week for the CSA. For two adults and a toddler, that's $70/week, almost $300/month.

I'm only in week one. I'm at $30, but I have another $10 to spend before the end of the week. My master plan is to save $10 a week & set it aside for Costco. We only buy a few items there, but they are all about $10.

The biggest part of this is just not shopping. I'm doing pretty well there.

Unfortunately my dh just spent $420 on four new tires today, on our 2-year old car. Who knows why they wore so poorly...though I wouldn't put it past the dealer to do that to get business for repairs. We just replaced four tires on the old car a few months ago. Sigh. I realize the two aren't related (grocery bills and car repairs) but still it sucks to save $100 on groceries and toss out 4x that for tires.

Next on the agenda: switch to a cheaper gym (saving $600/year), start carpooling 3x per week (saving 3 gallons of gas per week, $12 a week).

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