Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some Days I Look at my List and Just Sigh

Today is one of those days.

The "list" incorporates a few things:
1.  Cooking at least one big meal for lunch or dinner for the week.
2.  Washing and cutting any fruits we have for the week.
3.  Prepping our CSA vegetables that aren't necessarily going into the big meal.

Yesterday I did not do any cooking (I did make myself a sandwich for lunch).  I did spend a couple of hours sorting through baby clothes dropped off by two good friends.  This is a huge chore, but I definitely always say "yes" to free things.  It's worth the two hours to not have to buy clothing for a year or more for the little guy.

So that means today is all about cooking.  I have:

1.  Caramelized onions in the crockpot. New recipe.
2.  During nap time, I'm going to make Arabic rice and lentils (to go with the onions)
3.  I have green tomatoes, so this time I'm going to make green tomato salsa instead of what I did last year (relish).
4.  Slice up some watermelon.
5.  Wash lettuce and make a salad for th epotluck

I already deseeded 5 pomegranates.

Hopefully that will keep us going for the week!

1 comment:

Biz said...

A crockpot full of carmelized onions? I can't even imagine. Hee hee!

When Hannah lived at home, she loved pom seeds, but they were such a pain - I spent the extra couple bucks and bought them already seeded at Trader Joe's!

Hope your week started off well!