Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting busy in the kitchen

I even had some help from the hubby this weekend, due to my bruised foot.  Which I got...?  Your guess is as good as mine. I woke up with it.  And big boy has a cold (or at least, a runny nose).  Well, he didn't get the last cold, figures he's starting the next one.

I'm also working on using up items in the pantry and freezer. (These are in red.) Doesn't stop me from buying more though.  I'm trying.  I made the mistake of going to Whole Foods today.  One tiny bag and $35 later.  If I could JUST stick to the produce and the bulk goods (oatmeal), I'd be fine.  But no.  There were scrambled eggs and bacon in the hot bar.  And chocolate.

Here's what the FHS family is making/ eating this weekend and during the week:

1.  Banana muffins (some with chocolate chips).  Hubby made these and they were so much better than mine.  Then I realized - he doesn't cut the sugar in half like I do. :)

2.  Enchiladas.  I made these yesterday - chicken (previously poached and frozen), peppers (chopped by hubby - a HUGE bag of TINY hot peppers), onions, tongue of fire beans (from the CSA, previously cooked and frozen), chard, and cheese (bought on sale that I shredded), and discount tortillas from the freezer.

3.  Aloo gobi (that's cooking right now)

4.  Salad (including pomegranates - 3, that hubby took care of.  Got the seeds out of two and juiced the third.  We both hate that job).

5.  Roasted cherry tomato, garlic, pepper, and feta bruschetta.

6.  Barley salad (well, I'm really just going to put the cooked barley in my salads).

7.  Cantaloupe and watermelon.  You know I list this because I have to wash, peel, and slice.  These were on sale for $2 at the grocery store and there were 55cent coupons at the display.  These are the Tuscan melons. $1.45 for a watermelon and $1.45 for a cantaloupe!

Really trying to be better on the produce all week and on weekends.  I keep reading about how children's palates really develop from age 1 to 2.  Nick is a pretty good eater, but I was pretty strict with the fruit and veggie intake.  I haven't been quite as good with Daniel so far.  This is why I ran off and bought more baby food (it's so much easier to get him to eat it in pureed form).  Nick was the same way as a baby...the veggies were in puree form a lot longer than many kids.  But he loves vegetables still.

Plus.  I need to lose weight.


Joanne said...

The hot bar at Whole Foods always gets me!! Sounds like you've got a lot of good eats planned!

Lisa said...

I don't know what it is about fall but I am ready to start cooking up a storm too!