Saturday, March 12, 2011

What we ate this week:

Weekly Meal Plan, 3/6/11 (dinners)

Sunday: Sesame Cashew Noodles, salad
Monday: salmon patties, fried potatoes, turnips, onions, green beans
Tuesday: veggies burgers, sauteed mushrooms, salad
Wednesday: bean burritos, kale chips, snap peas
Thursday: salmon in a lime-maple sauce, roasted potatoes, beets, onion, fennel
Friday: skillet pasta marinara, steamed broccoli
Saturday: tri-tip, potatoes of some kind, salad


Anonymous said...

marcia, do you plan ahead every week and know what you will eat on each given day?

Marcia said...

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Generally, now that we pick up our CSA on Tuesday, I plan Tues-Friday on Tuesday night, and I plan Sat-Monday on Friday night/Saturday morning.

Joanne said...

A lime maple sauce? Oooo I want!

Biz said...

Do you have a recipe for the sesame cashew noodles?? Sounds delicious!

I wish I ate more fish - turns out the one I like, Chilean Sea Bass, costs $24.99 a pound at my store!

Marcia said...

Sesame cashew noodles: from my Recipes page

Maple lime sauce...I started with the glaze from the ginger sauteed carrots and added some butter. Also, I used ground ginger because I was feeling lazy.