Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beans and Rice and Overnight Oats

These things have been saving my LIFE this week, a week as a single parent. I'm beat. I'm also very very tired of beans and rice. I have to say, the advantage and disadvantage food-wise of the spouse being gone is that he eats half our food. So it lasts longer - yay! and boo!

He comes home tomorrow. And we're ordering pizza.


Biz said...

My husband just asked me yesterday "can I eat pizza?!" Absolutely - so glad his appetite is coming back - gotta love Party Pizza Fridays!

Joanne said...

haha welcome to my world. Everything I eat tends to last about a week. But at least it means you've gotten your fair share of fiber for the week!

Anonymous said...

yay for hubs coming home! hope you are enjoying this great weather Marcia :)