Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lunch...Today and Tomorrow

Well, not a lot of cooking this weekend due to a party yesterday and our anniversary dinner (out) tonight. But I did cook a couple of things today for lunches and dinners during the week. Especially since tomorrow's dinner I will be at the track (so they will need to start without me), and Tuesday I'm going out (again) with some mom friends to say a fond farewell to my friend Sarah, who is moving to Arizona.

Yes, my lunch today was an avocado and radish sandwich on Ezekial. Which is my new favorite bread. I was starting to realize how much sodium is in regular bread. At Trader Joe's today, I was perusing the breads and the helpful staff wondered what I was looking for and I said "low sodium". They had a 75 mg per slice and a zero. I went with the 75 mg. It's sprouted whole grains, so very very healthy. And tastes delicious, and the slices are small.

Lunch tomorrow, my favorite Shithi's lentils, and I *never* remember to make a double batch until it is too late!

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