Friday, July 16, 2010


Last night I went out with my friend Kelly for a beer and some dinner (to celebrate our both turning the big 4-0).

I wanted to be good. Really I did. Because I'm trying to lose a few pounds. Just a few (okay, 4.5). I had it all planned out.

But the beer was so good. The problem wasn't the 2nd beer that I wasn't going to have. It was the lowering of the inhibitions with the second beer, that caused me to eat a big old burger.

At least it was a Niman Ranch beef burger. So I can feel good about the source. Anyway, I'll burn it off tomorrow, right?

After that I didn't sleep so well. One too many beers = not great sleep. Plus the heat. Plus the being 40. Plus the 4 year old who crawled into bed at 1 pm (meaning, more heat).

My plan today was detox. Bike into work. Lunch: big old veggie salad, peaches, and greek yogurt. Healthy snacks.

But then we got free pizza at work.

I still ate the salad (at 10:30 am...I was hungry). Green beans, scallions, tomato, radishes, olives, feta, garlic, vinegar. But I also had a couple of slices of pizza. And the peaches and yogurt got mixed with frozen strawberries and juice and ice to make a dinnertime smoothie.

Tomorrow's my big day - first ocean swim. Hope the wetsuit fits. Or at least stretches. I'm long-waisted. It's a problem.

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Joanne said...

I think we all have times like this. I had a few too many glasses of sangria last night...but thankfully resisted the buffalo wings my friends got. It was SO hard though. Today is another day! Good luck with the wetsuit :P