Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today's run - much better

First, I read more of the book - and I found a table, that takes your 5k pace, and tells you not only the expected finishing time for a 1/2 or full marathon, but also gives you the pace to run during tempo, pace, and long slow runs.

Well, duh, I'm supposed to do the long runs at 11:09 mile, not sub-10. Nice! I mean, I was running too fast, with hills, long runs, with no hydration.

So today, I ran about 10:45/ mile (for 7 miles). I bought a fuel belt. (Though I got mine at Amazon, free shipping with Amazon Prime!) I hydrated with two small bottles of mixed water/gatorade. (And a little gatorade from the station for the Team in Training folks, thanks Gena!) My sore foot seemed to be okay.

I stopped once to pee (I mean, why not if you have to go). I stopped at a couple of traffic lights. I stopped to stretch (my hips start to get sore at about 5 miles). I stopped to chat with my friend Gena, who is training for a 1/2 marathon with Team in Training, and just ran 9.5 miles today). And I just decided to not run up the killer hill this week. It's the end of my run, and I feel like puking. So I didn't do it. Felt much better.

I did feel a low-grade headache coming on. Drank a cup of tea, 20 oz of water (in addition to more gatorade/water after the run). I took a Tylenol and I'm having another cup of tea... headache is not worse. Not better. But not worse.

Gotta go work on lunch. Hubby and child are cranky from hunger.

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