Sunday, September 6, 2009

My New Food Goal

So, when this year is over (with my alternating months budget...boy, I can't wait until it's over), I have a new goal. I will be loosening the purse strings back to about $5000 a year for food.

But now, turns out my spouse needs cholesterol help. (Jury's still out on mine.) His HDL is too low (overall cholesterol is fine). It's probably mostly genetic (our diet is pretty healthy). But plans to try and improve:

1. More salmon. Maybe fish 2x a week instead of 2x a month.
2. chia seeds? apparently a good source of omega-3's
3. wine. Feed him 1/2 a glass a few days a week.
4. exercise...he gets a good amount already (4x a week), maybe make him go for a long bike ride on the weekend.
5. Cut back on sugar, cheese, white flour (already, not a terrible amount in our diet).


Daniel said...

That's just ~$50 a week for a family of three. I'd still call that pretty impressive. :)

And a tip on inexpensive wine: If you are just having table wine at dinner, I'd go for the 1 gallon jug of Carlo Rossi. It only costs $10-12 and it will last you a LONG time. Choose the chianti, burgundy or cabernet for maximum cholesterol lowering effects. It's a twice- or three-times-a-week routine at our home. Good luck!

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Amy B said...

The last thing I did before I surfed over to your blog, was look at my last cholesterol rating and fret, because my HDL was 33 and my LDL was 133, and recent studies show bad ratings at midlife are a risk factor for Alzheimer's (which runs in my family.)

Your diet does sound very healthy. My sister dramatically lowered her cholesterol by switching to a vegan diet. I know its hard to get men to give up meat. Maybe he just needs to cut back a bit (and what is he eating when he's not around you? :)

Marcia said...

Thanks for the tips! I do say I tend towards Trader Joe's for wine. I have had some pretty decent boxed red wine.

This year in particular, we've been eating more and more vegan. His cholesterol (which has only been tested a couple of times...maybe at 35 and now at 41?) appears to be unchanged. But I'm going to make more of an effort.

I cook meat about once a month (and it's usually fish or chicken). My spouse eats meat out on Fridays for lunch. (I pack his lunch otherwise.) Once/month free pizza at work. And we eat dinner out once/month. I'd have more of a problem getting him to give up sugar and cheese. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

What an impressive food budget you have! To feed a family of 3 as well as you do...I am very impressed.

You've reminded me that I need to get my yearly bloodowork done and a cholesterol check :)

Happy day to you!