Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wine is Evil

Well, it's not exactly evil. Most people who know me know I love wine. Not in a "let's get trashed" kind of way, but in a "glass a day" kind of way.

I've been reading a log of (younger) healthy bloggers, and they seem to like wine too. And as younger people, a lot of their meals out seem to come with 2-3 glasses, and/or maybe a cocktail. Boy, I can't do that in my late 30's. Probably shouldn't have done it in my 20's. Not good for the waistline, plus there's that breast cancer risk.

The other day, I skipped my nightly glass. I had a meeting after work (for fun). Boy, I had so much energy! Usually, at the end of a long work day, plus playing with my toddler, cooking dinner, doing dishes, 7:30 or 8 pm comes around and I feel like passing out. Barely keep my eyes open.

So, I did a little experiment this week. No wine. You know? I do, really, have much more energy at night. I still get tired, but not the overwhelming need for a nap.

So here's my new, practical, leaf (and frugal too!) Wine on Fri/Sat/Sun only. Still only a glass.


Daniel said...

It's interesting to hear you talk about this... it can be very easy to get into a daily/nightly habit of wine-drinking. After all it is one of life's great pleasures!

But we've also found that it's a pleasure best enjoyed a few times a week, NOT every day, and it tires us out too. Plus a pleasure that becomes routinized into a daily habit isn't really a true pleasure, is it?

Casual Kitchen

foodnfit said...

You know...I used to have at least one drink a night and when I finally stopped drinking during the week it did wonders for me! It helped me drop a few pounds as well as give me more energy throughout the nights.

Marcia said...

Thanks for your comments! You are right that it's not as much of a treat if you do it every day.

Amy B said...

I'm not a problem drinker, but its hard for me to stop at one glass, and last week I finished off a bottle in one night, felt awful the next day and mad at myself for losing half the day to self-induced misery. Wine is delightful, but no way can I keep a bottle around without adult supervision. Now, I have had a bottle of Guinness in my fridge for two years, no problem, I have no interest in beer. But wine is too good for me to consume routinely.