Monday, June 8, 2009

Fettucini Primavera

I doubt this is traditional. But it's pasta with vegetables. I used fettucini, because that's what I had. I thought it was spaghetti until I looked at the package.

Fettucini Primavera
3/4 lb. whole wheat fettucini: 0.97
3/4 lb. fresh green beans: 2.25 (at the farm they are listed at $5 a lb. Farm mkt is $3)
1 zucchini from my coworker's garden: free
2 small crookneck yellow squash: 0.25
3 cloves garlic: 0.15
1 T. olive oil: 0.11
2 oz fresh spinach: 0.38
2 cubes pesto from freezer: 0.30 (estimate... one is from this year, one is from '07)
2 T. parmesan: 0.37
2 oz cream cheese: 0.25
5 kalamata olives: 0.22
4 sun-dried tomatoes in oil: 0.17
Total: $5.42 for about 10 cups, or 0.54 per cup

Wash and slice crookneck squash. Place in roasting pan with olive oil, S&P to taste, and unpeeled garlic cloves. Roast at 400F for 20-30 mins, turning once. Let cool (so you can handle the garlic).

In food processor, puree spinach, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, parmesan, and pesto. Add cream cheese and puree until smooth.

Slice the zucchini into thin ribbons. I used my v-slicer, ribbons ended up looking about the size of spaghetti. Raw foodists often use zucchini as "spaghetti".

Wash and trim green beans. Keep whole.

Cook pasta according to package directions. 3 minutes before it's supposed to be done, add green beans, return to a boil, and cook three min.

Drain beans and pasta. Return to pot with zucchini, roasted squash, and pesto sauce. Heat gently and stir to blend/warm through.

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Gena said...

This looks really tasty :)