Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grocery Budget So Far

An update on the annual grocery budget. Budgetary goal (family of three):

CSA: $850 for the year

in addition:
Odd Months: Jan, Mar, May, etc: $160/month
Even Months: Feb, Apr, June, etc: $300/month

This does not include:
wine (seriously, couldn't fit it in that budget)
soda (I used to have such a bad habit that I gave it its own category. I'm much better now.)
dining out and certain snacks (my husband's desk snacks, and chocolate)
paper products

None of these are huge expenditures, but I want to know what I spend on FOOD. The other food-type products go into "entertainment" category (which I also track).

So far:
Jan: $159.77
Feb: $297.92
Mar: $145.65
Apr (so far): $214.75


Money Funk said...

Are you actually able to use up all the produce from the CSA? I always wonder if that is possible. :)

And wine, I just found out Fresh & Easy has a whole aisle of it! Their prices seem to be pretty good. Maybe check it out.

And "ah, Maui". I definitely need to go back. And the shirt... I think its made in China, right? lol!

Marcia said...

I am actually able to use up all the produce from the CSA most of the time. It's our 9th year though, and I'm well-practiced at it.

Plus there are three of us now, not two. That helps!