Thursday, January 10, 2008

Off Topic - food storage

So I've already mentioned that people don't cook anymore...I know a lot of single folks with empty refrigerators, and I'm sure there are plenty of married-with-kids folks with empty fridges too. While I don't necessarily go along with the survivalists' idea of having 6 months to a year of food on hand, I do have about three months.

Why is it important to have food on hand? You never know when the fire, flood, hurricane, or tornado is going to come and strand you in your house. How do you feed your children? What if something else happens? Do you have friends and family who regularly check up on you? Perhaps you should.

This comes to mind as I recently read a story about a mother and son in Omaha, NE who were found dead in their apartment. The mother died of natural causes. The 21-month old toddler probably starved to death - there were indications that he was foraging for food. My own son is 21-months old, and I can't really keep myself from crying about that poor baby.

So. Tonight. I am moving some of my son's snack foods to the bottom drawer that he SO loves to get into. And maybe a water bottle or two. Because you just never know.

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