Sunday, January 27, 2008

Curry and Cabbage

But not curried cabbage.

While I am a big fan of frugal eating, I am also a big fan of local eating. These two desires often war with one another. I love the idea of eating local cheese, honey, and nuts. But they are more expensive.

We have been members of the local CSA program for many years. I think this is our 8th. Delicious, local, organic produce...but boy I have to work hard to make sure it doesn't get wasted.

I used some of the produce today to make stock.

We are having red cabbage and apples for dinner, along with chicken curry. Nothing local in the chicken curry.

Remaining items for the week from the CSA are broccoli and kohlrabi (tomorrow in stir fry). Lettuce, carrots, squash...and of course, the head of red cabbage makes about 8 servings. So we'll be eating that for awhile.

I have been focusing lately on weight loss...losing those last baby pounds. I have finally made it into the 120's (129.2), which is really nice!

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