Thursday, September 10, 2020

So, it's September already

Virtual school still sucks for an 8 year old.  I don't expect to be back at school even in hybrid mode until 2021.

The west coast is burning.

I miss my friends.  I haven't gotten together with anyone outside my household, really, since June?  A backyard birthday 'do in August, but only lasted about 10 minutes because: too many people, not enough masks.

I miss silence.  4 people in a 3 room house, and I get overwhelmed.

I love hugs.  I get them from my family.

I need to simplify.  I have too many things on my plate, with virtual school, work, and chores.  I have spent hours the last few weeks tracing down missing items and missing refunds for one of my produce boxes.  Today?  No box at all.  

Saturday?  We got a random box that didn't belong to us, with $40 cash in it.  So I spent hours trying to figure how who it belonged to.  Never did figure it out.  Gave the box to the neighbor (he was out of veggies anyway) and donated the $ to the food bank.

People are mean.  Why are people so mean?  Especially on the internet, so many attacks without giving people the benefit of the doubt.  And not only mean one time, but then doubling down and posting ELSEWHERE - go over and check this out!  Ugh.  

I am so fucking tired of Trump.  He's a sexist, racist, misogynist.  A liar, a narcissist, and people still want to vote for him.  See above: people are mean.  And racist.  Why are people so racist??  But hey I got a tax cut.

I'm tired.  

I'm reading a lot.

I've been using Paprika to store recipes and do meal plans. I discovered this recipe for crock pot Indian butter chicken.  It's not authentic, but it is delicious.  I've made it twice now.

Here are some pictures.

Conf calls in the car

Curry lentils with cauliflower

Bougainvillea on a walk

A mailbox

She loved this bone

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Virtual learning is awesome

That's a house with an infinity pool

Chard, chickpea, sweet potato curry

Pretty flowers in the middle of a dirt patch


Birthday bunny cake

Ocean views

Pico de gallo

Beach time


We paint and hide rocks

This is how I lift


Creekside on a family hike

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