Monday, October 30, 2017

Things I've been making and eating lately

Most of the reason for this blog is so that I can find good recipes that I've made before.  Of course, I created this blog (and its predecessor) long before Pinterest.

The other useful thing to me, is to look back and scroll around and see what our menus were long long ago.  Sometimes I get in a rut!  I need new things.

I've made Peanut Lime Dip (see "Favorite Recipes") a few times lately - great with noodles or as a veggie dip.

I started baking sandwich bread, so that I can avoid getting plastic bread bags.

I made my first loaf of gluten free bread this weekend.  It's...okay.  Better than not  having bread.  It's not cheap, but cheaper than buying it.

I tried a new recipe for chili.  It was good, but not better than my regular chili.

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