Thursday, January 3, 2013

Healthy Soft Serve

Well, if you've been reading around the food blog-o-sphere over the last several years, you've read about banana soft serve.  If you haven't heard of it...have you been living under a rock?  Or have you been busy having a life and not reading food blogs?

Anyway, today, there was banana soft serve on the menu.  We were thinking about taking the 1st grader out for frozen yogurt after picking him up at his kids' care.  He wasn't particularly interested and when we got home, we got busy with other things.  I had, however, been thinking about banana soft serve also, mostly because I saw a post on it in The Kitchn today (they have variations!).  I liked reading the comments from their initial post 3 years ago.  Including some nay-sayers that say "it tastes like frozen banana."  Well, duh.  It IS frozen banana!  But it's very creamy and a great vehicle for chocolate syrup.

Anyway, I always have frozen bananas in the freezer.  Sometimes peeled, sometimes not.  Here are the advantages to banana soft serve compared to fro yo:

1.  Way cheaper.  Total cost of the banana soft serve for two (with some peanut butter mixed in and chocolate syrup on top): probably about 50 cents.  Maybe 60 cents.
2.  Healthier.  It's banana.  One ingredient.  Unless you are me and add peanut butter and chocolate.
3.  Faster and simpler.  No getting into the car and driving downtown to the yogurt place.  No keeping a pint of the sugary or fatty stuff in your freezer, that you swear you will eat 1/2 cup at a time and make it last two weeks, when really you'll eat the pint in three sittings, three days in a row.

All you gotta do is wash the food processor when you are done.

For instructions: here


Biz said...

I'll have to try that! I acutally bought sugar free chocolate syrup from the discount rack at the store - sounds yummy!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Joanne said...

I've been debating whether or not to try this banana soft serve business but you know what? Why not! Sounds delicious (especially with chocoalte sauce on top...mmmmm)