Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Learning to let go

Not a food related post today people.  Today I'm going to write about learning to let go.  Of your control.

I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a type-A control freak.  I do best when insanely busy, and I like schedules.  I've got my gym days, my spouse has his.  When I train for my events (running/triathlons), I like keeping a schedule.  I plan out my meals in advance.  And the same thing happens at work too.

But having a baby changes ALL of that.  And it's good for you (and me).  When you are at home nursing a baby, you are completely on someone else's schedule.  Sure, you can wake the baby up with a diaper change if you want to get a feeding in early, or go for a ride in the car to put them to sleep.  But otherwise, your time is not your own.

So you learn to go with it.  Feeding, diapering, cooking, showering - all of this flows organically from one day to the next.  In order to be happy, effective, and efficient - don't fight it.

Baby sleeping extra long?  Eat breakfast before nursing and pumping.

Running late to go somewhere?  Brush your hair and shower later.

In the kitchen making lunch?  Consider doing prep work for dinner.

Baby falls asleep on you after nursing?  Lay your head back and get a 10 min snooze.

I really think that learning to go with the flow has really helped me be more efficient at work.  At work, like at home, I have several things going at once.  If I hit a stumbling block on one project, then I set it aside and work on the next.  I get more done that way.

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