Sunday, November 15, 2009

What's in my fridge?

I was inspired by Green and Crunchy's recent blog post to take a picture of my fridge. Now, my fridge is not nearly as neat as hers (I took the pic on Friday, home sick, no energy to organize it).

And of course, we're not vegan and we don't have 5 children, so you'll see different items and in different amounts.

And the pic was taken two days ago, so we've eaten some stuff (kale, soup, strawberries) and have added others (eggplant, peppers, celery).

Top shelf: salsa (2 jars), strawberry jam, sunflower seed butter, organic natural peanut butter, almond butter from the farmer's market, blue cheese, parmesan cheese, yeast, organic yogurt, chocolate milk (daddy had the day off this week), sour cream.

Cheese drawer: havarti, cheddar, american, cream cheese, and BOLOGNA (did I mention daddy had the day off? We haven't had bologna in the house in at least 5 years...)

Shelf #2: 1 pt. strawberries from the CSA, TJ's hummus, tahini, more American cheese (gotta love Costco).

Shelf #3: Oikos yogurt, 3 pints of farmer's market strawberries.

Bottom shelf: Water, 3# bag of pink lady apples, apple cider from the farmer's market (same place as the apples), large head romaine lettuce, leftover butternut squash soup, wheat germ.

Left drawer: 1 bunch kale, 1 1/2 bunches radishes, 2 granny smith apples from the boss's tree, 1.5 lb of pink lady apples (yes, I love them), 1 bunch green onions, 1 bunch arugula, 3/4 lb of anaheim and jalapeno peppers.

Right drawer: 1/2 head red leaf lettuce, 4 limes, 1 bunch cilantro.
Yes, there are a lot of plastic bags in there to keep the food fresh, but I do wash and reuse them.


Joanne said...

Whoa your fridge is super organized. Mine looks like a train wreck in comparison :D

I wonder what it is that makes us so interested in what other people have in their refrigerators, but I find it fascinating...

Marcia said...

You make me feel better! It helps that we do have a cleaning person who comes every two weeks and cleans the fridge. So she organizes while she's at it.

Anonymous said...

Marcia, I loved this! Thanks so much for playing along in my 'what's in your fridge?' game. I've peeked into several people's fridges online this past week and it's been fun :)

You get some great goodies at your farmer's market! and your butternut squash soup has me thinking that I should make some too. Soup season is here!

Loved your "daddy had the day off" comments! Too funny.

Thanks for letting us peek in your fridge!

Sheri (Green & Crunchy)