Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yoga, and who'd have thunk it?

Last night, I did yoga for the first time. It was awesome! Even considering I was in a small room with about 20 coworkers (it was a company event).

A lot of the 2.5 hour program was explanation of yoga's purpose in keeping you balanced, in getting rid of the "residue" of life. Which I thought was going to be all touchy-feely and weird. But you know, it did make sense. From the parts about how stress and life all come with "leftovers" that you need to take care the parts that how we all "accept" that as we age our physical capabilities will decrease. The 50-something year old yoga instructor pointed out that this is just not true. (As an aside, he's also a well-known professor in the area of semiconductors, which confused me before I realized...yep, same guy.)

And I guess...if you had told me a year ago that I could complete a 5k in under a 9:00 mile, I would have said you are crazy. If you had told me that I would run 8.5 miles, and it would feel pretty easy...I would have said the same thing. I am amazed, sometimes, with what my body can do.

And I'm going back to yoga tomorrow...


Amy B said...

wow. I've never actually done yoga beyond trying out a few poses from a magazine. Maybe I will give it a try.

Joanne said...

Have I mentioned how awesome you are! great job trying new things and pushing your body to do more and more. You have achieved so much!

Marcia said...

Thanks guys! Yoga today again was AWESOME...I bought a 10-class pass. I think my hubby's going to give it a try too (sadly, we can't do it together without a babysitter).

The stretching I think REALLY helped my run aching hips!!