Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kinda Cuban Black Beans

I had a bag of black beans. Decided to cook them in the pressure cooker. Found a couple of recipes, combined them and adjusted them based on what I had on hand. Tasty! Ate just a bit last night for dinner, rest for lunches this week.

Kinda Cuban Black Beans - pressure cooker
2 c. dry black beans (slightly less than a pound): 1.00
1 onion, diced: 0.15
1 bell pepper, diced: 0.90 (used yellow, toddler picked it out at the farmer's market and ate a bite on the way home)
3 cloves garlic: 0.15
couple Tbsp of diced hot pepper (I used stuff I froze last summer): 0.25
2.5 c. water (in addition to soaking water)
1 tsp cumin: 0.05
1 tsp oregano: 0.05
1 tsp black pepper
2 T. sugar: 0.05
2 T. vinegar: 0.03
1 tsp salt
1 bay leaf: 0.02
1T. canola oil: 0.03
lime zest (had some in the freezer)
Total: $2.68 for 6 cups, or $0.33 for a 3/4 cup serving.

Soak the beans 6-8 hours. Drain and rinse.

Saute onion in oil in crockpot until soft. Add garlic, bell pepper, hot pepper, cumin, oregano, black pepper and saute one minute more. Add water.

Bring to boiling. Add black beans and bay leaf. Cover, bring to high heat. When the cooker reaches pressure, reduce heat to keep pressure level. Cook at high pressure 10 min. Remove from heat, let pressure reduce naturally. Remove lid carefully.

Add salt, sugar, vinegar, and lime zest. Yum!

This took all of 15 active minutes of cooking time. My kinda recipe.

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