Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Smoothie

Today I ate some homemade bread with cheese for breakfast and went for my 45 min run (I am training for a 10k). When I came back, I felt like a smoothie. This might be a Saturday tradition.

I have a very complicated recipe from Dr. Sears nutrition book "The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood". I didn't have half the ingredients, so I used what I had.

1/2 c. canned pineapple
6 strawberries
1 c. frozen blueberries
1/2 of a banana
1/3 c. yogurt
2 T. peanut butter
enough canned pineapple juice for a good consistency

Blend. We shared this, and it was really good. You could smell the peanut butter & feel it on your tongue. Of course now I'm out of frozen blueberries.

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