Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Goals - week 7

1. Exercise: as of Saturday 2/18/17
Running: 300 miles: To date: 26.51 miles  
Biking: 500 miles: To date: 9.6 miles (made it one day, then got sick)
Swimming: 50 miles: To date: 5.04 miles 
Walking: 150 miles: To date: 32.11 miles
Weights/ yoga: 30 minutes a week (1560 this year): 276 minutes (School dance, weights)

2. Grocery bill: Keep it under $7000 ($134.62/wk)$828.20, only $19.20 last week.  That's super low for a few reasons: 1. I got a mild version of whatever stomach flu the kids had.  So I didn't eat much. 2. We were on vacation, so we ate out more. 3. We were on vacation, so we didn't get our produce box.  Actually, I'm *pretty* sure the total is bigger than this.  I think there's a missing receipt with milk and applesauce that's in my husband's wallet somewhere.  It will turn up later and end up on the year-end total.

3.  Weight: Scale had me down 3 pounds before the trip, and my pants were falling off me.  I'm sure they will come back though.

4.  Family:
Go on 12 family hikes: fail. fail. fail.
Do game night once a week: We played cards on our vacation to Legoland.

5.  Crafts:
- Crochet a blanket (a "thermometer" granny square blanket, based on the temperature each day). 50 blocks done out of 120!

The photo really doesn't do it justice.

- crochet a purse: nothing
- finish a quilting baby blanket: done.  Mailed.

- participate in my quilting group's exchange: nothing
- make 12 snowflakes: nothing
- attempt to make socks: I've pinned a bunch of instructions?  Been really busy taking care of sick people.

6.  Sleep: keep track of it and see if the low dose estrogen helps.  I was sick. Slept like crap. I'm having a really hard time with heat. It seems like I go to bed cold, then get hot.  When my husband comes to bed I have to strip down, and have been ending up on the couch.  The estrogen is NOT helping.  I think it's making it worse.  And I'm getting headaches.

7.  Food: eat vegan 2 days a week. No attempt at this while I have been sick.

8.  Cookbooks: Try 1 recipe from every cookbook I own.  Nothing this week.

9.  Work:
     a. Skills: Learn enough programming to automate the data pulls for problem lots (which requires pulling data from 2 different databases).  Haven't worked on this yet.
     b. Personal:  Don't engage.  Really.  Ugh Facebook.  Ugh Trump.  Americans are so stupid.  Do you know that in a single month, the cost to the US Taxpayers for him to go to FL has been $12 million??  That was the ANNUAL budget for the Obamas.  Make America broke again!!  I'd rather my tax bill go to subsidize the ACA.

10.  Home: Contact contractor/ architect on adding a second bathroom.Nothing. But we did talk to the plumber about (finally) replacing the sewer line.  Nothing like $8k bill!

11.  Garden: actually plant tomatoes this year.  Baby steps. Nothing
Ooh, need to add: put some ground cover in the back dirt patch

12.  Spouse: once a month lunch date: nothing.  We need a date.  We will at least get one at the school fundraiser in March?

13.  Beverages:
- Drink less coffee and more tea (one cup coffee per day): I haven't had coffee since Tuesday.  Tummy bug will do that.  Been enjoying green tea.  The hotel on this trip had Tazo Zen green tea with lemongrass and spearmint.  Yummy.
- Do not buy any wine aside from my two wine club memberships: I had a glass of wine at my winery before Valentine's day, and bought a bottle to donate to the school auction. 
- Drink two 24-oz bottles of water a day, minimum.  I managed this a couple of days.  Was really dehydrated this week.

14.  Mom's nights/ dad's night once a month: Done for Jan, not for Feb yet.

15.  Host friends.  Done for Jan, not for Feb.  Not gonna happen.

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