Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sickies - chicken soup

What do you do when you are sleep deprived, your toddler is sick, and your husband goes home sick?

You make a quick pot of chicken soup (by "quick", I mean "one hour").

Yep, the big boy was at a sleepover last night, and we were thinking we'd get a date night.  And by "date night", I mean a night at a casual restaurant with a toddler.  Then the toddler got stuffy and we thought "well, let's downgrade to takeout".

Then hubby got sick and I downgraded to stopping at the store to buy more honey for tea, and some carrots and discount onions.

Anyway, it's good to have "stuff" in your pantry and freezer.  I found some diced cooked chicken in the freezer this week.  I also had a partial bag of frozen mixed veggies, some frozen diced celery (that's what I do with extra celery), a couple of carrots, a little bit of orzo, and some chicken broth.

I also added thyme, parsley, garlic, water, and veggie bouillon.  OH! and Freeze dried green beans.  Cuz I'm prepared for armageddon around here.

Up this week is chickpea something or other (I want falafel, but probably only have time for curry).  And rosemary olive oil bread.  And kale salad and kale chips.  And hopefully granola.

How am I doing on the grocery budget?  Not so good.  I'll summarize tomorrow.  But I know I'm at about $90 this week already, at least.


Anonymous said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling better

Joanne said...

Hope everyone is feeling better!!

Andrea said...

Sorry your dinner plans didn't work out! Hope everyone will feel better quickly!

I also almost always have the ingredients to make chicken soup in the fridge and freezer.