Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pizza! and happy mothers day.

Yes I *have* been cooking around here.  Perhaps...well, perhaps, because my spouse was in El Paso this week, a corn dog may have made it onto my son's plate one night.  But the baby was going through a growth spurt and wasn't sleeping at all (why does he choose to do this when husband is out of town?)  So I spent a crazy amount of time just feeding people this week.  While the baby is fully weaned (as of a week ago, sniff), I still have to make up bottles and wash them.

I was feeling like pizza yesterday and boy was it yummy!  Even though I'm still trying to lose weight, I eat pizza.  But I only eat 1-2 slices.  Yesterday it was two.  My memory from weight watchers 11 years ago tells me that back then, I only ate one slice.  So maybe I'll get there.

We got two bunches of baby leeks from the farm.  I really didn't know what to do with them, so I sauteed them up for the pizza.  It also has green olives and pepperoni.  My child didn't much care for the leeks, but I thought it was great.

I've also been working on figuring out what to feed the baby.  My new baby friends are far ahead of me when it comes to feeding the babies finger foods.  I kinda remember with my older son that he was on jarred food for longer than most.  It's just easier.  But new baby is getting bored with the jarred food, and he can't live on formula and cheerios alone.  He's 10 months old and has 8 teeth.  Yesterday, we tried shredded cheese.  He couldn't really pick it up.  The next few foods I will introduce (we are still waiting 3-5 days between new foods) will be pasta (wheat), broccoli, and cantaloupe.  He seems to just play with anything that doesn't "feel" right (anything but cheerios or puffs).  But dang that kid will pick up ANY piece of crumb or fuzz or dirt from the floor and put it in his mouth.  Ugh.

That's not all that's been on the menu.  Last weekend (or was it two weekends ago?) I was hungry for salmon, so I baked up a Weight Watchers recipe - salmon with dijon and brown sugar (and dill).  I also cooked up some pasta with greens and a cream sauce (we ate the leftovers twice for dinner). 

The third picture you see here is white rice, stir fry vegetables (bag of frozen veg) and scrambled eggs.  This is probably a Wednesday or Thursday night dinner (i.e., our CSA veg are gone).
And finally, Happy Mothers Day!  I hope you have a good one!  The boys are all still asleep.  Not sure why I am awake at 5 am.  I really didn't sleep well this week at ALL, so I should be catching up.  I have no master plans for today, but I will leave  you with a picture of what I bought myself for mothers day.  I'm going to go make myself some coffee.


Biz said...

#YOLO! Life is too short without having pizza! It looks delicious!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I finally got home to my computer to wish you a happy day!



Biz said...

Thanks for finding me on Facebook!! Wee!!

Happy Wednesday!

Marcia said...

Thanks for accepting the friend request!

Joanne said...

Glad to hear that you've been cooking and that the kiddos are doing well!! Seems like you've been eating pretty well also!