Monday, May 27, 2013

Some pictures

Wow!  I've been meaning to post, and have been taking some pictures.  But...not so much time.  Husband traveled to Texas twice in 3 weeks.  I made a frittata to eat while he was gone, and nachos for dinner when he got back.  We went to a crawfish boil party yesterday (lotta work, I could lose a lot of weight on a crawfish only diet), and I made a big fruit salad and some banana chip bars for the party.

Tonight there is a potluck BBQ up the park.  I guess it's been going on for years on Sunday nights (Monday on holiday Mondays).  My hubby is "outdoored out" after a couple of parties.  Plus, it's the worst allergy weekend of the year.  Plus, there's ash coming down due to a fire over the mountain.  Looks foggy but it's really red.  So, I think I'm just going to cook up some skillet pasta and bread and green beans, and call it a night.

Tomorrow is Tuesday not Monday, and I have to remember that I am delivering dinner to my friend who just had twins!! Don't forget don't forget...

Farmer's market finds

Radish sandwiches for lunch
Fruit salad!

Beach day!


Biz said...

Those strawberries look amazing! Also, are the radishes pickled or just raw.

A friend of mine just posted a recipe for a potato salad with radishes, not sure why I never thought of that before! I am linking to the recipe tomorrow.

Love the little man!!

Marcia said...

just raw radishes! They are "watermelon radishes".

Biz said...

I've never heard of those before! Have a great weekend!

Joanne said...

Whoa you guys have been busy! And the little guy is so cute!

Marcia said...

He is adorable!!