Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flavors of Winter

I happened to be shopping at the Farmer's market on Saturday, looking for avocados.  I only had twenty bucks.  I happened to spend all $20 on other things that took my fancy (including avocados).

The first thing I got a gander at was kabocha squash, marked down to $1/lb.  Man, this stuff is so good.  The same stall had these beautiful heads of delicate lettuce, so I snagged one of those.  And some pistachios made their way into my bag too.  But they were up a buck from last week.  Ouch.

I've really been trying to up the produce intake lately.  I generally eat a lot already.  But it's cold and flu season, so I figure that more veggies will help with keeping the immune system strong.  Alas, I caught the cold my husband had, so it's my third of the season.  There are several folks out at work with the flu, so here's to hoping I don't get that.  The whole family has gotten the flu shot, but the baby only got his less than a week ago, and it takes 2 weeks to take effect.  I'm a little bit paranoid about the flu, mostly because some people are stupid and they go to work sick.  But I digress...

A taste of what we've been eating this week:

Kabocha squash, roasted

Sauteed green beans (originally frozen) and mushrooms in a garlic-soy glaze.

Here's the squash alongside chicken, potato, and pea curry.  So I discovered this red curry sauce from Trader Joe's...yum!

Roasted red potatoes.

I also roasted the red potatoes last night with broccoli and carrots.  Today I was home sick (but working).  My husband came home early to take a nap.  Because he was home, I was able to cook dinner (or we'd have been SOL!)  I made skillet pasta (except I don't have the right kind of skillet anymore, so I use my dutch oven) and a salad.  We now have enough pasta for dinner for the next two nights - score!


Joanne said...

There would be many fewer cases of flu if people just STAYED HOME when they were sick! Seriously!

Yay for kabocha! It's so hard to find around here lately and I miss it!

Biz said...

I can only find kobacha in our Asian grocery store, that's a 45 minute drive - its good though!

Enjoy your sunny warm weather!!

Marcia said...

My company just went from sick time to PTO, so you KNOW more people are going to be working sick!!

Usman Shakil said...

Seven Dangerous Act After Meal