Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finally, a pork picture!

Yes, I defrosted the rest of the pork loin that I cooked a couple of weeks ago and we ate it this week.  A little bit over rice one night, in quesadillas the next night.  I've been a "nothing but brown rice" girl for years and recently bought my first bag of white rice.  I'm liking it on those days when you just don't have an hour to cook rice before dinner.  Brown still has more flavor.

Here I topped it with cheese, salsa, and sour cream.  With a salad on the side.  Our salads have been of the lettuce, radish, orange, avocado, cashew variety with rice vinegar and olive oil.

On an unrelated note, we spent 2 hours on Sunday making 3 kinds of cupcakes from scratch.  36 total.  Pros on cupcake wars we aren't.  But they were a hit at my birthday boy's class yesterday.


Joanne said...

I've definitely been known to use white rice when I just don't feel like waiting for brown rice to happens to the best of us!

Jane said...

I love pork! You can do so many things with it!