Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Day in the Life

Not a lot of food this week.  We've been eating, but I haven't been taking too many pictures.  Last night was crock pot black bean soup...very good!

I was realizing something the other day.  I've always known that I'm the only female in my group at work (that's pretty obvious), but also I realized that I'm the only parent. 

That makes it difficult on occasion...less understanding. I think *most* of my coworkers are understanding, but sometimes I still get looks and comments.

So, a day in my life on Tuesday, after I left work.

Leave work at 4:35 pm.
Go to Fairview Gardens to pick up my veggies.
Go to pick up my son from school.
Go to the grocery store.
Go home.
Cook dinner.  (sauteed veggie hash and leftover pizza)
Put the veggies away.
Put the groceries away.
Eat dinner.
Do dinner dishes.
Make and pack my lunch.
Take out the compost.
Take out the recycling.
Start cooking for Weds night's dinner (chopping and sauteing veggies for the soup)
Put the soup veggies in the fridge.
Do the dishes from that.
Give my son a bath.
Brush/floss his teeth.
Read him a story.
Brush my teeth.
Pass out on my bed in exhaustion.

And the mornings are up, short workout, breakfast, breakfast dishes, get son dressed and fed, play, take him to school.

It's a far cry from olden days, when I may have been working 10 hours instead of 8, but I also could sit my butt down on the couch and have a beer and watch TV if I wanted.  Or go to the gym.  Or go for a walk.  Or read a book.


Anonymous said...

there is no doubt that being a mom is tough! it is touch enough to be a woman working a job. i feel the same way without the kid. work hard, come home, cook dinner, walk the dog, be happy and sexy for hubs......sometimes it is too much! who said we could bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan-grrrrrrrrr

Claire said...

Hi Marcia! Parenthood certainly does change things. I keep meaning to get to bed earlier, in order to get more sleep and possibly get to work on time, but after all the get home, cook dinner, wash up from dinner, put boy to sleep, etc, I keep wanting some bit of time to be awake in a quiet house. Fortunately, work is very family friendly, and I've been able to keep things pretty relaxed. It would be very different not to be working with a lot of other parents.