Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Couple of Links, and I love Mark BIttman

Mark Bittman's Blog this week was pretty awesome. Say it, brother! Couldn't have said it better myself.

There were some interesting comments. liza from MA:

Great points, with which I couldn't agree more; however, I can't imagine how Americans can possibly eat well until they are working less hours. Eating well cannot happen in a country where most people are working and commuting so many hours: no matter how "simple" the meal is, a healthy one - unprocessed, fresh food - takes time, time to shop more often, perhaps drive further, requires more preparation - cannot be just thrown into the microwave, etc.
As long as we put up with an economic system where so many working hours are essential to survive, we will not be able to eat well or be healthy in any way, body, mind or spirit. There are a finite number of hours in the day, and the way Americans are living now, this does not leave time, especially for families with young children (and little money) to eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, take care of all the household chores and errands, etc.....never mind smelling the roses.
Well, from a personal standpoint, I still manage to cook healthy meals, but I also don't watch the US average of 5 hours of TV per day.

Silvie from CT:

Mr. Bittman's ideas are interesting but how can we expect the government to withdraw subsidies to industries that exist because of them? The risk to known, taxpaying corporate sectors, with seriously powerful lobbies is enormous. The payoff, while probable in terms of public heath and the environment, will be very difficult to quantify.
Certainly (as we saw with the 'Public Option' fiasco in the health debates), there is no one in congress or the Presidential Administration or at the state-government level with the courage to begin to examine these questions, never mind actually back the withdrawal of subsides.
I for one will take care in my choices of where my food dollars go, will continue to marvel at how much corn sugar (up to 50% of products) is in the average supermarket, but I will not hold my breath and wait for our farcical, utterly unprincipled political class to 'save us' from the food they enable.

Sad, but true Silvie.

On another topic: working moms are the source of all evil.

In the blogosphere:

Squawkfox did a great job of cooking a lot of meals with one chicken.

This blog shows the AMAZING weight loss journey of one woman. Simply amazing.

And Cook for Good has a great recipe for Savory Onion Muffins.


Joanne said...

I find that people will make any and every excuse possible not to cook or exercise. I also don't watch tv (I don't even own one) but if I DID watch 5 hours of tv a day...I would have no time to do anything. Not even sleep!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you marcia. bill and i do not watch a bunch of tv and we commit to eating well though it is more challenging when you work tons of hours. enjoy your weekend. when are you going to hawaii?

Marcia said...

I know! Now, I will admit. I watch TV. Probably 40 min to 1.5 hours per day. I do have my weeknesses (Top Chef, among others.)

March is my vacation!