Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fruit Salad

So, yesterday I had a HUGE birthday bash. It was GREAT to celebrate with all of my friends. It was a bit of a zoo because a lot of my friends have kids, ranging in age from 5 to 3 months. When the first guests arrived, the house was neat. When they left, it looked like a tornado hit.

It being my birthday party, my goal was to not have to cook. So we had it catered. NOT cheap, but delicious, and a ton of leftovers. I will be eating leftover chicken and tri-tip for months (I did, in fact, send some home with friends and will probably take some over to the neighbors today. Truly, we eat so little meat that it could honestly last months.)

The single item that we ran out of was fruit salad. This would be the item that I actually made. I hit up the farmer's market in the morning and went to town. I should have made more. I still had more fruit.

I did not take a picture, but here's what was in it:

strawberries: two pints, hulled and sliced
grapes: about 1/2 lb each red and green, organic
plums (very dark)
pluots (green with a pink center)
white nectarines (yes, I went crazy at the stone fruit stand)

a teeny bit of sugar (a couple of tablespoons) and the juice of a fresh orange on top.

I think I'll make up another batch tonight to eat tomorrow for lunch.


Sheri (Green and crunchy) said...

The fruit salad sounds delicious, I love the idea of an orange squeezed on top. Good thinking!

Hope that your house is back to normal now :)

Enjoy the leftovers, how nice to have them!

Joanne said...

Crazy party! Hope you had fun!

God I love a good fruit salad. This is filled with all of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

oh this sounds so great! glad you let someone else to the cooking......